Perzina pianos are recognized for their remarkably beautiful tone and sound and are still considered one of the world's best pianos. Their instruments are "European Standard Quality," which means that they must include 90% or more European components, including Austrian white spruce tapered soundboards, individual weight-calibrated keys, Czech Detoa action, and German hammers, strings and pin-block.

They play and sound as great as the world's best pianos, but at less than half the price. Perzina handmade pianos blend "old-world" craftsmanship with today's "state-of-the-art" technology.


Type:  Upright

Manufacturer:  Perzina

Model:  GP 122

Stock #:  10414

Year:  2009

Size:  4'

Finish:  Gloss

Color/Wood:  Ebony, African Rosewood

Condition:  New

Price: $5,500

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